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Through words, images, and the brush, I pour out my restless spirit of ceaseless reflection and search. I connect with emotion to flow freely and create from the essence of my being without the need for approval.

In that fullness, I encounter the purest and most genuine aspect of my individuality in an unlimited realm of imagination.



Ilana Lamstein holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations (UDELAR) and has studied Journalism at the Universidad ORT and Marketing at ADM.


She has pursued photography studies at the Aquelarre School and has participated in various training workshops at the Center of Photography in Montevideo (CDF), Foto Club Uruguayo, among others.

In 2017, together with Tamar Rausky organized the first "Jewish Lens" from Beit Hatfusot competition in Uruguay, featuring the renowned photographer Zion Ozeri.

In 2018, she participated in a photographic project workshop led by Oscar Bonilla, and in 2021/2022, she took part in the Barrios Virtuales and MUFF - Barrios projects within the framework of the CDF. In the same year, she completed the Creative Process Laboratory with Veronica Cordeiro, presenting her first photobook titled "Ana Rosa," which was included in the round of publications at the San José Photography Festival in Uruguay in 2023.

In 2021, she attended a writing workshop with Mercedes Estramil and has collaborated with various print media outlets.

"Hasta que estés en su lugar: Huellas del Holocausto Judío en la memoria de Mónica Wartenberger, hija de sobrevivientes".


Hasta que estés en su lugar: Huellas del Holocausto Judío en la memoria de Mónica Wartenberger, hija de sobrevivientes.

In this touching and introspective work, Ilana Lamstein delves into the memory of Mónica Wartenberger, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, exploring the indelible traces of the Jewish Holocaust. The book serves as a testament to resilience, offering a profound reflection on the enduring impact of one of history's darkest chapters.

I am driven to rescue personal stories and collective memory that bring me closer to a greater understanding of the human being and its different realities.

As the soul is laid bare, the true essence of humanity emerges, stripped of all pretenses.

The barrier of prejudice dissipates, giving way to empathy as a fundamental value for a more compassionate world.

Emma y Roberto


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