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Israel "Mística y Tradición"

Project Type: Photographic Exhibition

Authors: Ilana Lamstein and Tamar Rausky

Date: 2017

Exhibition Spaces:

  • Jewish Film Festival, Punta del Este. 2017

  • Israelite Community of Uruguay (KEHILÁ), Montevideo. 2017

  • ORT University, Montevideo. 2017

  • Ralli Museum, Punta del Este. 2018

  • "La Casona de Punta Carretas" – Montevideo. 2018

7 Ilana Lamstein Israel Mistica y Tradicion Exposicion Fotografica.jpg


The photographic exhibition "Mística y Tradición" is the result of the journey that Tamara Rausky and I took to Israel in November 2016, as part of a program aimed at strengthening women's connection to their Jewish roots and traditions.

The exhibition revolves around TZFAT and JERUSALEM, two sacred cities that house historical and spiritual treasures for the Jewish people. Through these images, we aim to evoke emotions that lead to reflection, respect, and knowledge.

"Jerusalem: through its ancient cobblestone streets of ocher color, which many powerful civilizations have sought to dominate, flows a constant and bustling stream of people and characters in constant motion.


These photographs precisely illustrate that, present it before our eyes... and surprise us with the joy with which they shed light on the dark aspects of an ancestral splendor that still endures..."

There is no other place in the world like this.

Teresa Porzecanski Uruguayan anthropologist and writer



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