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The for the soul.

String instruments have always held a special allure for me.

Coming from a family without a strong musical tradition, it might seem unexpected that our home contained a piano passed down from my maternal grandmother's house. Although my mother had once mastered the accordion during her youth, the passage of time gradually turned it into a decorative relic. By the time I was born, it had remained untouched for years, its melodies silenced.

It's fascinating how each instrument and its accompanying melody resonate uniquely within us. Music possesses such an immense power that it transcends cultural boundaries and beckons us to experience it deeply. Within these harmonious vibrations, we find ourselves transported to a realm of indescribable emotions that connect us all.

This is precisely what I felt when I was first introduced to the enchanting sound of the harp in its full sonorous glory. Tears welled up in my eyes as I embarked on a journey to a realm filled with intense sensations and emotions.

In that magical moment, I lost track of my surroundings, and any discordant noises faded into insignificance against the backdrop of the harmonious strings. I allowed myself to be carried away to a meditative state, enveloped by the vibrations and transcendence of the music. It was in this very moment that the extraordinary happened.

Now, I'd like to share with you a brief recording of one of those captivating melodies...

Enjoy this exquisite music, generously shared by Fabián from Mexico.

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