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There are many people I want to thank on this journey...

To Mónica Wartenberger for trusting me and for sharing her life story from the heart.

To Jani Pietsch (may she rest in peace) for her love and immeasurable capacity to give, honoring the lives and memories of those who are no longer with us.

To Teresa Porzecanski for her constant encouragement to carry out this project. For her invaluable guidance, academic rigor, and for honoring me with the book's foreword. To Julián Schvindlerman for the analysis of the work reflected in his words, and to Santiago Tricánico for his vision.

To Melba Guariglia for her expertise in proofreading the texts, to Annette Uppenkamp, Cultural Attaché of the German Embassy in Uruguay, for translating the original German documents into Spanish, and to Dieter Schonebohm for the complete translation of the book into German.

To the former Ambassador of Germany, Ingo von Voss, for his heartfelt and profound reflections, to the German Embassy in Uruguay for their great support, and to Editorial Rumbo for the book's design and printing.

To finalize the long work process with figures like Emma Sanguinetti and Roberto Cyjon was a wonderful finishing touch. I appreciate the warmth with which they approached me and the interest they showed in the research and the theme of the book. For the meticulous analysis of the book and for sharing their personal insights with great respect and a critical eye.

To NCI for opening its doors for the book launch, and especially to David Telias, Executive Director, and Cecilia Epstein, Cultural Coordinator, for their efforts.

I want to express a special thanks to my family and friends for infusing me with positive energy. They are my driving force, my emotional support, and the most important encouragement in my life.

To God for lighting my path...

To each and every one of them, my gratitude and affection.

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