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Painting. Catalyst of emotions

A few years ago, I found myself experimenting with painting. In this process of exploration, I discovered the emotional impact that this creative space had on me.

That's how I entered a universe that I never left, where I dwell with freedom, curiosity, and astonishment. There, the spontaneous impulse of strokes and colors connects me with a personal reality, far removed from the structured world that constitutes much of my daily life.

When painting, I release my emotions and moods without taboos, without fear of "what others will say." I don't seek beauty in my creations, nor the perfection of aesthetics in their execution. Sometimes, what the canvas returns is so disappointing that it even provokes rejection.

However, despite that, painting always reveals and exposes the emotion accompanying me in those moments.

pintura Ilana Lamstein

In the workshop environment, I let myself engage in open creation, without fear of the judgment of a critical eye observing and limiting me. I don't depend on the gaze of others and their approval to feel that what I do makes sense. I find happiness in the "creative gesture" that I repeat over and over when I take up the brushes. In that bold movement, I find peace and balance.

However, sometimes moods conspire against that natural restoration of emotional balance, halting the breath of the creative flow. The real challenge lies in finding that spark of light and creative energy hidden in the dark corners of the soul.

Recently, I read a quote from the artist Carlos Páez Vilaró that resonated with me, and it goes like this:

"Art cannot be defined or explained. It's a spark. Just as lightning illuminates the horizon line for a second and reveals the landscape shrouded in darkness, so does the artist—nourished by a mysterious poetic thread—project their light onto the canvas, driven by a hidden instinct or desire to express themselves... Something inexplicable and mysterious triggers its appearance, something beyond calculation and anticipation... There are ideas, there is the desire to turn them into reality. The hand is the most formidable tool we possess to use and guide it in response to the command of our instinct. A brush, a color, and another color, a merging of these, while the material decomposes into poetry, into transparencies."

Quotes extracted from his book "Arte y Parte" (Art and Part).


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