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The Roots of Affection: Our Lifelong Connection that Inspired a Book

In the mid-2018, our collaboration began, and we agreed to have regular weekly meetings that extended until the end of 2019. Little did I know in those early months that an incredibly passionate, challenging, and enriching journey awaited me.

Throughout this process of creation, there was change and transformation. Monica didn't simply delve into her past; instead, she internally reimagined her life through her feelings, memories, and the hidden voices of her loved ones.

I learned to listen, to hold silence, and to prioritize information, understanding which aspects could be shared and which should remain guarded secrets. I challenged myself in weaving the story, aiming to maintain a neutral stance towards the events and not yielding to the eternal philosophical dilemmas of the Jewish Holocaust.

Exposing her story and letting it be known to others made Monica incredibly liberated, and for me, it became a new emotional space that became a part of my own experiences and personal growth.

Thank you for trusting me, for sharing a glimpse of your most intimate universe, and for showering me with so much love.

The Bond That Transcends Time
The Bond That Transcends Time

Por siempre,



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