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When pain squeezes your soul.

I am overwhelmed by a sadness that tightens my gut. The pain, anguish, and helplessness are so immense that I feel breathless. There is no psyche that can integrate such harshness, savagery, and darkness.

There is no way to put into words the magnitude of the horror at the hands of Hamas. I am paralyzed by so much evil, morbidity, and desire for destruction. I suffer and bleed. I cry. I scream and wonder how this could have happened.

Deranged terrorists, murderers, and sadists. Beings of death. Symbols of barbarism. The Jewish people live in the light and celebrate life. Despite the suffering and the inner turmoil we feel, nothing and no one intimidates us. The Jewish people are united. We know how to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix and fight. Despair is not within us.

Lives cut short, families destroyed, irreparable traumas. Nothing will ever be the same again. AM ISRAEL CHAI! (The people of Israel live!)


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