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ilana lamstein book about holocaust in uruguay
  • What is Monica Wartenberger's family history in relation to the Holocaust?
    Monica Wartenberger belongs to a Jewish family that suffered persecution during the Holocaust. His parents fled from Germany. His father was in a Nazi concentration camp. His paternal grandparents and other immediate relatives were killed by the Nazis during World War II.
  • How did the Holocaust affect the lives of Monica Wartenberger's parents?
    The Holocaust left deep scars in the lives of Monica's parents. They experienced the loss of loved ones, the trauma of discrimination, persecution and death. They faced the challenge of rebuilding their lives resiliently despite the pain and horror they experienced.
  • What is the emotional impact of the book on readers?
    The book has a deep emotional impact on readers, as it allows them to connect with the personal experiences and tragedies lived by the victims of the Holocaust, generating empathy, reflection and awareness.
  • How is collective responsibility in relation to the Holocaust addressed in the book?
    The book addresses collective responsibility by emphasizing the importance of learning from history and avoiding the repetition of similar atrocities, urging society as a whole to promote justice, tolerance and non-judgmental critical analysis.
  • What is the main message conveyed by the book "Until you are not in place"?
    he main message of the book is that the memory of the Holocaust must be preserved and shared to avoid forgetting the atrocities of the past and to build a more just and compassionate world, where diversity and human dignity are respected as inalienable values.
  • Who presents a book that perpetuates memory and condemns oblivion?
    Ilana Lamstein..
  • What is the title of the book featured by Ilana Lamstein?
    "Hasta que no estés en su lugar: Huellas del Holocausto Judío en la memoria de Mónica Wartenberger, hija de sobrevivientes"..
  • What is the book about?
    The book tells the story of the Jewish people and the Shoah (Holocaust), focusing on the personal experience of Monica Wartenberger, daughter of survivors.
  • Who is Monica Wartenberger in relation to the Holocaust story?
    Monica Wartenberger is the daughter of Holocaust survivors. Her story reflects the legacy of that tragic past lived firsthand by her parents and how this determined her childhood and adolescence, affecting her personal life forever.
  • Where can I find the book "Until You Are In Their Place: Traces of the Jewish Holocaust in Memory of Monica Wartenberger, Daughter of Survivors" to buy?
    Puedes encontrar el libro en tiendas en línea como Amazon, donde suelen tener una amplia selección de libros disponibles para la compra. You can find the book at online stores like Amazon, where they often have a wide selection of books available for purchase.
  • In which versions is the book "Until you are in your place: Traces of the Jewish Holocaust in memory of Monica Wartenberger, daughter of survivors" available on Amazon?
    he book "Until you are not in place: Traces of the Jewish Holocaust in memory of Monica Wartenberger, daughter of survivors" is available in print and digital/eBook format on Amazon in Spanish and German versions. You can find both versions on the Amazon platform. SPANISH %95%C3%91&crid=26APLDUNMZU2B&keywords=ilana+lamstein&qid=1684867823&sprefix=ilana+lamstei%2Caps%2C249&sr=8-2 ( -ebook/dp/B0BP3SG64C/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_es_ES=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&crid=26APLDUNMZU2B&keywords=ilana+lamstein&qid=1684867823&sprefix=ilana+lamstei%2 Caps%2C249&sr= 8-2) GERMAN (
  • ¿Está disponible el libro "Hasta que no estés en su lugar: Huellas del Holocausto Judío en la memoria de Mónica Wartenberger, hija de sobrevivientes" en formato digital/eBook?
    Yes, it is possible that you will find the book in digital/eBook format. You can search for it on platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Google Play Book, among others. Be sure to search for the exact title and author's name to find the digital version. According to the information provided, the book "Discover Ilana Lamstein's book in prestigious libraries" by Ilana Lamstein can be found in the following prestigious libraries: Yad Vashem Library: This library is considered the world's most comprehensive library on the Holocaust. They have the printed version of the book. Holocaust Remembrance Center of Uruguay: It is an important center for the documentation and study of the Holocaust in Uruguay. They have the printed version of the book. Library of the Legislative Power of Uruguay: This library is a reference library in Uruguay and they have a copy of this valuable book in printed format. Stanford University Library: The Stanford University Library is one of the distinguished university libraries where you can access the work of Ilana Lamstein. The availability of the book in this library indicates that it is recognized and valued. Judaica Portal Germany: This is a specialized online portal that focuses on Jewish resources and the Holocaust. They have included this book in their collection..
  • Who is Jani Pietsch?
    Jani Pietsch was a historian and plastic artist from Berlin, to whom Ilana dedicates heartfelt words of gratitude as a tribute in her book for their invaluable contribution of documentation.
  • What is the purpose of the DMAO project?
    The DMAO project, started by Jani Pietsch, Marie Rolshoven and Florian Voss, aims to remember the history of Jewish families who were deported and whose homes were looted and occupied during the Nazi regime. Seeks to preserve his memory and raise awareness about the damage of the Holocaust.
  • What was Jani Pietsch's contribution to Ilana Lamstein's project?
    Jani Pietsch, as a historian, offered to consult the German state archives for information. He provided valuable documentation on Monica's paternal family, which was instrumental in reconstructing her story.
  • What is the meaning of the photo taken by the daughter of Jani Pietsch?
    Jani Pietsch selected a photo taken by her daughter at the summer villa of Max Liebermann, a well-known German-Jewish impressionist painter. The photo has sentimental value and was chosen to be included in the book's publication.
  • How is the book project a tribute to Jani Pietsch?
    The book project, "Hasta que no estés en su lugar," is also a tribute to the memory of Jani Pietsch and her dedicated work honoring Jewish victims of the Holocaust.
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